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Television Advertising, TV Commercials and Production by Hanson Marketing

In order to impact the market and create memorable ads for our clients, Hanson Marketing writes and produces exciting, even controversial television commercials.  We also believe in keeping production costs down, and negotiating low advertising rates to extend your ad dollars.  We are a full-service agency, here to brand your business.  Included in our services are the initial creative copywriting, hiring video/film crew, auditioning talent, shooting on location and editing your TV commercials.  Our goal is to give you the highest quality product for the best price, and most importantly to not only brand your business but  to dramatically increase your sales.

Advantages / Benefits of Television Advertising

  1. Low Cost – Most people don’t realize that television commercials can be pretty cheap to buy, especially for a city with a population over ½ million people.  The key is to take advantage of the low prices before the market puts it out of reach.  Network ads are about 1/5 the price of Denver network ads and in some cases local cable ads are less expensive than local radio.  This is all subject to change, but the key is to take advantage of the opportunity while it exists.

  2. Show Your Product or Service – People like to see what they are buying or who is going to be performing the service they are in need of.  TV advertising gives you that ability.  It gives a local company the opportunity to look as big as a National company.  Whether you are going to get into direct marketing, or just creating brand awareness, it gives the viewer the full picture of what you are selling.

  3. Demographics – When purchasing television commercials in a city such as Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Denver and Fort Collins, you have the ability to sell your products or services to the entire growing Front Range of Colorado.  Through Hanson Marketing’s sophisticated Media Buying Software you even have the ability to focus your ads at the segment of the population most likely to buy your product. 

  4. Reasonable Production Costs – When producing your TV commercial, you don’t have to make a big production out of it.  Hanson Marketing has produced hundreds of commercials over the past 30 years for large and small businesses.   Your companies commercial can be produced for a very reasonable price but look as good as the big boys.  All the production talent to make great commercials exists in Colorado Springs.

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